What Is A Good 3dmark Time Spy Score

What Is A Good 3dmark Time Spy Score

4 min read Jun 18, 2024
What Is A Good 3dmark Time Spy Score

What is a Good 3DMark Time Spy Score?

3DMark Time Spy is a popular benchmark for testing the performance of your PC's graphics card. It provides a comprehensive evaluation of your system's capabilities in handling modern DirectX 12 games.

Understanding 3DMark Time Spy Scores:

  • Higher scores indicate better performance: The higher your Time Spy score, the better your graphics card performs.
  • Scores vary based on hardware: The scores you achieve will depend on the specific graphics card you have, the CPU, and other system components.
  • Scores are relative to other users: You can compare your score to others with similar hardware configurations to get an idea of how your system performs.

What is a good 3DMark Time Spy Score?

A "good" score depends on your expectations and the level of gaming you intend to do. Here's a general guideline:


  • Less than 5000: This score suggests your PC is struggling with modern games and may need an upgrade to achieve smooth gameplay.


  • 5000-10000: This score is suitable for gaming at 1080p resolution with medium to high settings.


  • 10000-15000: This score allows for 1080p gaming at ultra settings or even 1440p gaming with high settings.

Ultra high-end:

  • Above 15000: This score is ideal for 4K gaming with ultra settings and high refresh rates.

Factors Influencing Time Spy Scores:

  • Graphics Card: The primary factor determining your score. More powerful GPUs achieve higher scores.
  • CPU: A strong CPU is essential for high scores.
  • RAM: Adequate RAM is required for smooth gaming and benchmark performance.
  • Drivers: Up-to-date graphics drivers can optimize performance and boost scores.

Improving your Time Spy Score:

  • Upgrade your graphics card: This is the most impactful way to increase your score.
  • Optimize your system: Ensure your drivers are up to date, your CPU is not overheating, and your RAM is sufficient.
  • Use the highest graphics settings: Run the benchmark with the maximum settings to achieve the highest possible score.


A good 3DMark Time Spy score depends on your gaming needs and expectations. By understanding the factors influencing performance, you can optimize your system and achieve a score that meets your requirements.

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