Us Phone Number Regex Javascript

Us Phone Number Regex Javascript

3 min read Jun 18, 2024
Us Phone Number Regex Javascript

Using Regular Expressions to Validate US Phone Numbers in JavaScript

Regular expressions (regex) are powerful tools for pattern matching in JavaScript. They allow you to easily validate user input, such as phone numbers, ensuring data integrity and user experience.

This article will guide you through creating and using a JavaScript regex for validating US phone numbers.

Understanding the Pattern

A US phone number typically follows this format:


Where X represents a digit (0-9).

Let's break down the regex pattern to achieve this validation:

/^\(?(\d{3})\)?[-. ]?(\d{3})[-. ]?(\d{4})$/

Let's analyze each part:

  • ^: Matches the beginning of the input string.
  • \(?: Matches an optional opening parenthesis.
  • (\d{3}): Matches three digits and captures them in a group.
  • \)?: Matches an optional closing parenthesis.
  • [-. ]?: Matches an optional hyphen, period, or space.
  • (\d{3}): Matches another three digits and captures them in a group.
  • [-. ]?: Matches another optional hyphen, period, or space.
  • (\d{4}): Matches four digits and captures them in a group.
  • $: Matches the end of the input string.

JavaScript Implementation

Now, let's integrate this regex into a JavaScript function:

function validateUSPhoneNumber(phoneNumber) {
  const regex = /^\(?(\d{3})\)?[-. ]?(\d{3})[-. ]?(\d{4})$/;
  return regex.test(phoneNumber);

// Example usage
const phoneNumber1 = "123-456-7890";
const phoneNumber2 = "(123) 456-7890";
const phoneNumber3 = "123 456 7890";

console.log(validateUSPhoneNumber(phoneNumber1)); // true
console.log(validateUSPhoneNumber(phoneNumber2)); // true
console.log(validateUSPhoneNumber(phoneNumber3)); // true

This function takes a phone number as input and returns true if it matches the US phone number pattern.

Additional Considerations

  • International Numbers: The provided regex only validates US phone numbers. To handle international numbers, you'll need a more complex regex pattern.
  • Extensions: Consider including optional extensions, such as x1234, using the (?:\sx?(\d+))? pattern at the end of the regex.
  • Error Handling: Provide informative error messages to the user if their input doesn't match the expected format.

By leveraging regular expressions, you can streamline the validation of US phone numbers within your JavaScript applications, ensuring data quality and improving user experience.

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