Submit Form Onclick Event In Javascript

Submit Form Onclick Event In Javascript

4 min read Jun 18, 2024
Submit Form Onclick Event In Javascript

Submit Form with OnClick Event in JavaScript

In web development, we often need to submit forms using JavaScript. This allows us to customize the submission process, perform validation checks, or handle data differently based on user interaction. One common way to achieve this is using the onclick event on a button or element that triggers the form submission.

Understanding the Process

  1. HTML Form Structure: We start with a basic HTML form structure. This includes the <form> element, input fields like <input> or <textarea>, and a submit button.

  2. JavaScript Event Listener: We attach an onclick event listener to the submit button. This listener will execute a function when the button is clicked.

  3. Form Submission: Inside the event handler function, we use the submit() method of the form object to trigger the submission process.

Example Code

Submit Form with OnClick


  • HTML: We have a form with two input fields and a submit button. Notice that the submit button's type is set to "button" instead of "submit". This is important because we're handling the submission manually.
  • JavaScript:
    • submitForm() function is called when the button is clicked.
    • Inside the function, we retrieve the form element using its ID.
    • form.submit() triggers the form submission, sending the data to the server.

Key Points

  • Preventing Default Submission: The default behavior of a form is to submit when the submit button is clicked. Since we are handling the submission manually, we need to prevent the default action. This can be done by adding return false; within the onclick event handler.
  • Validation: Before submitting the form, it's crucial to validate user input. You can add validation logic within the submitForm() function to ensure data integrity.
  • Alternative Methods: Besides onclick, you can use other JavaScript events like onsubmit or event listeners to trigger the form submission.

By utilizing the onclick event, you can gain more control over the form submission process, allowing for dynamic updates, validation, and tailored data handling. Remember to always validate user input and follow best practices for secure form submissions.

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